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CA Final is the last milestone that endeavors students on the path of being a Chartered Accountant and fulfilling the age old dream.   However, the path is not as easy as it deems to be, with students having to nail the competition. For those appearing for Strategic Financial Management for CA final, it is pivotal to understand that the subject has been designed to help students gain a comprehensive clarity and understanding of the procedure of financial decision.

The task of preparing for the subject brings along with it a few tips and tricks. Here are a few:

  • The last milestone does not offer you the luxury to do selective study; hence make sure you do a comprehensive study of all chapters.
  • The subject is filled with concepts, hence focus on comprehending the same and acquire a grasp on the subject.
  • Create your notes for reference and easy last minute revision before the examination.
  • Plan study on your own terms, and segregate the topics and sub topics. This helps you to focus and plan well.
  • Evaluate a strategic learning process where you focus on the crucial and relevant topics as a primary factor. Once done, proceed with the others, and study each chapter thoroughly.
  • While studying the chapters, segregate the ones which are inter related and linked to one another. Revise them together, one after the other to save time and acquire a greater clarity.
  • Do not hesitate to refer to online videos, as you need to have a detailed clarity of concepts. A resourceful video online will help in easy understanding.
  • Make sure you practice the test papers well as offered by ICAI. This will help you attain an idea and understanding of the paper.

Do not forget to analyze your performance at the end to evaluate yourself better!

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