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CA Harshad Jaju

About CA Harshad Jaju

CA Harshad Jaju  became one of the youngest Chartered Accountants. He underwent practical training with medium and large size CA firms to build skills and process experiences from the real world. Exposure to various projects at a young age has made him a learned and credible professor.CA  Harshad Jaju is always chosen for being approachable and using the best charts and mind mapping techniques. All of his theories are linked with examples to ensure students deeply understand a subject and its working in the practical world.Harshad Jaju has mentored students all over India. He has been a professor for, CPT, IPCC & Final level.

  • Vast Experience
  • Timely Completion of Portion
  • Practical Case Study
  • Friendly Nature
  • Comprehensive Study Material

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Kumar Prestige Point.Office.No.15B, 2nd Floor. 283, Bajirao Rd, opp. Chinchechi Talim, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002


+91 7887889595


+91 7887889595



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