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CA Raj K Agrawal

About CA Raj K Agrawal

CA Raj K Agrawal qualified CA with all India 27th rank in CA Final and all India 29th rank in CA Foundation. He has been consistent school and college topper. He is endowed with the passion of winning as evinced through demonstrated excellence in Academics and Teaching Career. His distinguished teaching style to face the challenges of tough professional exams has made him famous and favourite amongst the students. He is promoter and educator of Study At Home Pvt. Ltd. which is a recognized StartUp by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. He has authored several books for professional courses published by renowned publishers of India.

  1. CA Raj K Agrawal belongs to a lower middle-class family, son of a general merchant.
  2. Especially his family always focused on educating him which involved major spent of his family’s gross income.
  3. Moreover, he had been the most loved child of his family and significantly he had immense affection for the family equally.
  4. Similarly, at the school-level, he won Mathegenius Competition consecutively during the class of 8, 9 & 10.
  5. Not to mention his dedication towards studies, he used to complete the entire math’s syllabus at the beginning of the session during the summer vacation.
  6. In another case, when his classmates are not in the mood to do classes, they would tell him to ask such a question to teacher, which would engage the teacher for a long subsequently.
  7.  All the teachers of his school still know him by his name even after 20 years of passing school. Furthermore, he is now invited as Chief Guest in the same school in various programs.
  8. Occasionally he has also supplied grocery items at Grocery Shops on bicycle for earning little income.
  9. Unlike present time, those were not the time of online education. Besides the best CA coaching classes were available only in metropolitan cities. As a matter of fact, despite of heavy cost his family supported him. Somehow managed to send him to Delhi for CA studies.
  10. For the breakfast he used to have Aloo Paratha of Rs. 5 instead of Paneer Paratha of Rs. 7 to save every single penny. Evidently he was aware how difficult it was for his family to manage the coaching fees.
  11. Someday his friend Sagar Wadhwa (now CA) whom he met in Delhi noticed him skipping lunch. Seeing that Sagar started to bring 2 extra parathas everyday surprisingly. While grabbing lunch he exclaimed, “Oh! My grandmother gave me 2 extra parathas, lets eat together otherwise it will go waste.” Meanwhile it was intentionally brought by Sagar.
  12.  On the contrary, in his busy state of mind he was feeling homesick and missed his family above all. Thus, undeniably it was tough for him to concentrate on his studies.
  13. While studying he could visualize how difficult it is for middle and lower middle class people to afford education of their children, so he always had a vision to do something which can make education available for all.
  14. Most Important day when he qualified CA, there was a spark in the eyes of all his family members indeed. A Ray of Hope for a better living.
  15. Eventually, he spent his first income to buy a Touch Screen Phone and a Scooty that to for his family member.
  16. In the beginning he used to do office chores by himself.

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