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Chartered Accountancy is recognized as one of the toughest courses in India and with the passing time, it is becoming a fat fetched dream of commerce students. With a registration of a few lakh students, only a few fair the examinations well and make their way to the final. Hence, preparation of the examination deems it as the most important step and here are a few tips to help you with one.

Make a time table:

The first and foremost step lies in making a timetable, and hence stops wasting time around, instead create a time table. This will help you organize your chapters and study routine while facilitating an easy analysis of performance.

Join a coaching centre:

Teachers often play a crucial role in one’s success and hence a proper guidance is a must for students who wish to fare well. The guidance is furthermore helpful towards gaining an improved clarity of concepts.

Prepare revised notes:

It is not possible to revise everything in just a day; hence the best way to perform a full revision is by referring to your handwritten notes.

Grasp a calculator’s functionality:

CA papers are quite lengthy and hence it is recommended to acquire a grasp over the calculator to learn short keys better. This will help you to save valuable time during examinations.

Clear your mind:

Study well, but do not study at a stretch. Instead, take short breaks and refresh your mind every 2-3 hours. This will help you to learn the subjects faster and remember them better.

Take model test papers:

Solving the mock test papers serves as the biggest weapon to a high rank. Furthermore, it helps you to be better prepared and face the exam tension without fear.

Make sure you follow these steps for four months, and no one can stop you from passing CA Foundation with flying colors.

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